About the Home Energy Check

The Home Energy Check is a quick and simple way to discover how to make your home more energy efficient and reduce your energy bills.

It uses the information you enter about your home and lifestyle to calculate your current energy use and recommend a list of energy saving measures that are tailored to your property and requirements.

The more information you enter, the more accurate your results will be. However where necessary, assumptions will be made about your home and the way energy is used, which are based on the characteristics of a typical household. So although the Home Energy Check aims to be as accurate as possible, you may find that your actual energy use is different from our estimate.

About Home Energy Efficiency

There are many ways to reduce the energy you use on a day to day basis and the Home Energy Check will help you identify which ways of saving energy are relevant to you. Saving energy in the home falls into three main categories:

Improve your insulation and the efficiency of your heating system

Did you know that more than half of home energy use is on heating? There are two big ways you could save on heating costs; by insulating your walls and loft and upgrading your heating system.

Renewable Energy Technologies

You might want advice about installing a renewable heating system, or generating your own electricity and hot water. You can make big savings on your bills, but these measures can cost more to install and may not be suitable for every home. The Home Energy Check will guide you through the world of renewables to help you to make the right choices.

Change what you buy

It’s not just about how much an appliance costs but also how much it costs to run. When you replace energy-using products like washing machines, televisions or fridges look for the low energy choice, rated A, A+ or A++ on its energy label.